Sunday, November 13, 2011

3 + 1

Big brother Andrew loves his baby sister

Lily Jean was born on August 14th. A whole week late! She is just about 3 months old now which means it has been a bit longer than that since I updated this blog.  I guess my neglect is understandable considering the circumstances. She is beautiful and is a very happy baby. This past week has seen much improvement in my sleeping habits as Lily has finally gotten into some sort of normal schedule. For a while there, it was very touch and go on if I would get ANY quality sleep. Suffice to say, it has been a lot harder this time around. I imagine it has a lot to do with the busy almost 3-year-old boy in the house who is used to mommy's attention. :) It is more fun this time around though too because all the wonderful moments with a newborn are shared with Andrew.  It is lovely chaos and I'm thankful for all the memories we are making.

Other things I've been up to:

Practising photography photography (my sister Amy has been teaching me)
Cooking up a storm in the kitchen. I've tried a ton of new recipes in the past month
Making learning-activities for Andrew
Working at the BSC (I started teaching again last week)
Getting Lily's passport and visa work done
Enjoying life in general! God is good to me!

So that's it. There's just a short update on life right now.

My next post will be about the insanity that comes from joining Pinterest!