Tuesday, April 5, 2011

When Worlds Collide

We are going to blend this....

With this...

And we are SUPER excited!

When I found out I was having a boy with Andrew I had no idea what to do with a boy! Now I like my little boy and all the joys and toys that come along with him being ALL BOY! I don't even mind the filthy clothes I have to wash.

Now that we are expecting a girl (the first grand daughter on both sides) we are even happier and I'm ready to break out the bows and ribbons and lace!

I still can't believe I'm going to have a DAUGHTER! What a change but not a bad one for sure. God gave us the perfect child for us the first time around and I know it will be the same this time! God is gracious!

1 comment:

  1. Blessings as your boy-world is invaded by the gurlz! Things will never be the same....but I guess change is the nature of life. We are praying for you from Abilene, Texas today.

    larry henderson