Wednesday, October 6, 2010

220 Outlet?

Ok so I've been keeping up with a few blogs lately and decided maybe I should start one for all the stuff I don't get to share with people in our monthly reports and such. Theres a lot going on in our lives that is not directly related to our work but I'd still love to share with many of our family and friends. So this here is my outlet for those things. I decided on the name "220 Outlet" for three reasons: 1) because this is my outlet, 2) we live in the Philippines where all electrical outlets are 220 and 3) I'm just random like that. :)

So here we go! I hope this blog doesn't come as a shock to anyone. (Get it? Shock? Outlet?)

PS. Thanks to my wonderful tech-savvy hubby who helped me set this up and made my super cute logo up there ^^^^^^

1 comment:

  1. I KNOW I posted a comment here a few days ago... where it be???? Anyways... love your blog! I just started blogging again, so now we can stalk each other's thoughts! LOL