Wednesday, October 6, 2010

An out of diaper experience

All parents long for the time when they can kiss diapers goodbye. I did not think that time would come so soon with Andrew but apparently my genuis/super handsome/sweet tempered (albeit stubborn just like his momma) son is also quick to learn about the potty. A few weeks back I recieved an email from Baby with this link. I read about potty training in 3 days and decided that I'd give it a try. I figured if Andrew could be concerend about one droplet of juice on the floor so much so that he asks mommy and daddy for a rag in increasingly alarmed tones and drag me to the door when he's ready to go home then he can certainly tell me when he needs to tinkle. So a week ago we began the 3 day torture experiment. So armed with a mop, and some serious patience I battled against a naked 20 month old for three straight days. At first there was tinkle (yes, we call it tinkle) EVERYWHERE! But by the second day we were already having several successes. And yes, I stooped down to bribery on day two but one skittle per tinkle isn't really a lot and besides that, he was quizzed on his colors at the same time so it's educational too. Right?

Apparently, there is something about being home for period of time with a naked baby and his loaded bladder that can drive a mommy nuts because I almost had a meltdown. (I think Clint would say that I DID actually have said meltdown but what does he know? Ok so maybe a little meltdown.) We survived though and Andrew has done an incredible job! We had a couple of accidents after the first 3 initial days but we have been accident free for over 48 hours now. Our statistics are better than I could have dreamed lastweek. I think I should mention that we are by no means night time potty trained yet. I have him sleeping in a diaper. I imagine we will let this potty habit really sink in before we mix things up even more. We had our second evening out tonight after daddy's class to get some groceries and we didn't have any accidents so I think we're doing great! It was so worth the stress of this week just to have him day trained. It never occured to me while I was dreaming about having children or pregnant that, one day, I could ever be THIS excited about tinkle or poop! Thank you God for blessing me with such a great kid and thank you mom and dad for potty training me because if you hadn't that could be a bit awkward for me now.


  1. Hahaha oh my dear sweet ate :D this is fabulous :D I DEFINITELY look forward to more posts from you :D

  2. that was so funny! Carter had a major accident today in a most inconvenient location. Good thing he's cute and sweet or I might have left him there