Monday, October 25, 2010

Busy much?

I have been buried in a mountain of "to do" lists this past couple of weeks and although I make progress it seems the mountain of things to do just keeps getting bigger. I have classes to teach, my house seems to take on water every time it rains hard, I've got a toddler to chase after, feed, teach things to, help go tinkle 20,000 times a day and so on. I know I'm blessed by God but if He blesses me any more I may need hospitalization soon. Yes, I'm in a slightly grumpy mood but only because I'm exhausted and getting sick too. :( BOO!

On the flip side, if you asked me how life is and I wasn't in a grumpy mood I would tell you how they really are. Life is great! I have the smartest, sweetest little boy running around keeping me busy, God is helping us in our efforts to spread His word here, my wonderful MIL just arrived for a week and a half visit (bringing lots of goodies including Dr. Pepper) and Clint's aunt will be arriving in just a couple days. It is great to feel loved and that people would come all this way to see us.

A lot of the things I have been working on have been home improvement projects. I'm so glad God blessed me with an easy going husband who makes me stop and breath every now and then because I apparently have a very big OCD streak in me that is always longing for everything to have it's own place and I have not yet achieved that in my house so I'm still not satisfied. We have come a long way though. I worked hard to get things organized before Rhonda, my MIL, came and this is the stack I ended up with that still need places to go.

Not too bad. Unfortunately  it seems the stack is slowly reproducing. Hopefully I'll tackle  this soon or at least move it off the table so we can eat at the table. *sigh* So much to do.

On a happier note... check out this epically adorable picture of my son enjoying some Halloween stickers Rhonda got for him.

Feel free to stop for a few moments to take it all in.

I've also been working on several crafty sort of things. I've got Cross stitch projects, learning tools for Andrew, painting projects, sewing projects and I've been doing a bit of reading on photography for beginners because we just got a really nice camera on Ebay for super cheap and I'm excited to learn how to take dramatically better pictures.

If you are reading please leave a comment! I've made it so that someone can comment even if they don't have an account on here. I would love to hear about what kind of crafts you guys are working on.


  1. Moochkie :D love love looooove the picture of Andrew :D If you need some time to relax or what not you can always come invade our apartment :D We always enjoy when you take that LOOOOOONG walk (ok not long walk at all) over to our place and "chill" :D

  2. I want a sticker boy! Mine doesn't like stickers! Tita Becky has lots of stickers!